1. This is gorgeous! It totally makes sense why you changed it (although I loved the previous version too). I’ll need to order a new copy for my brag shelf! 😉

  2. Fascinating. I am struggling with mine too because what I have suggests ‘commercial’ (which I’m totally ok with) but frequently eliminates ‘high quality’ (which I like to think I am too!). But cover changing is expensive and many existing readers adore my covers so then I worry about losing their interest! So far I’ve not made the leap but it does keep me thinking…

    Your change is a good one, looks very nice and as you say spells the forbidden love out a little more for the two second glance! I hope it does well for you ????

    1. I definitely feel that commercial vs. literary tension too, Melissa. Your work is absolutely high quality! I think as indie authors, we probably shouldn’t be aiming for literary with our covers — we have neither the prestige nor the marketing might of a big publisher to convince people “this is a powerful book you need to read.” I think we probably need to lean towards commercial and have our readers be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our writing. 🙂

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