Book Four: Sweet Medicine

In the epic conclusion of the Lazare Family Saga, two very different brothers must become allies to save the woman they both love.


For nine long years, Clare Stratford has struggled to understand her mother’s final choice. The truth comes at a devastating price.

Clare’s lifelong love, Dr. David Lazare, risks everything to heal her wounded body. But only the medicine of David’s Cheyenne brother, Ésh, can mend Clare’s shattered soul. Ésh offers her an escape from her past and from the South that has condemned her.

Can a scarred Southern belle find peace and purpose amongst Cheyenne tipis? Or, as the country hurtles toward civil war, does Clare’s destiny lie back East alongside her beloved physician?

Charleston, South Carolina
St. Louis, Missouri
Cheyenne Territory
Central City, Colorado Territory
Gilead, Ontario, Canada
Washington, D.C.


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“No one captures the exquisite pain of longing quite like Elizabeth Bell. The spectacular conclusion of an unforgettable series.”
Jessica Cale, editor of Dirty, Sexy History

“I loved this book. The only problem was I couldn’t stop reading it! Highly recommend this series of books. The author is brilliant.”
M. Caitlin Smith, Amazon review

“This is honestly the best series of books I have read ever. … Please please get these books and read them you will not regret it.”
Becky, Goodreads review

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