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Necessary Sins Is An Audiobook!

At long last, my favorite format of Necessary Sins is live: the audiobook! I’m even more excited now than I was at the initial publication of this novel—because I think my writing is good, but I know my narrator is great! His name is Dallin Bradford. At the bottom left of the cover, tap the play arrow to hear a snippet of the audiobook:

Don’t you just want to listen to Dallin’s mellifluous voice for 16 hours straight? You’re in luck! My novels are literal epics, and the audiobook of Necessary Sins is 16 hours and 19 minutes of glorious listening.

You can hear a longer sample of Dallin’s performance on Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books. I wanted to feature this additional excerpt because

A. It explains one of the sources of my title, Necessary Sins

B. You get to hear Dallin sing

In the full-length audiobook, Dallin also sings a 19th-century ballad and even a couple of lines from an opera! His talents don’t stop there: he excels not only at riveting, emotional narration but also at portraying my huge cast of characters, no matter their gender, age, or accent.

You can hear Dallin voicing my Charleston hero and Irish heroine in the 5-minute Audible/Amazon sample. For the rest of his performance, you’ll have to buy the audiobook. 😉 It’s now available from Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books. If you already have the Kindle edition of Necessary Sins or want to purchase it, you should be able to add the audiobook for a reduced price through Amazon. In the U.S., I see “Add Audible narration” for $7.49.

And yes, Dallin will be recording the entire Lazare Family Saga in audio!

You’ll notice that in order to transform the ebook covers for The Lazare Family Saga into audiobook covers, my designer had to convert rectangles into squares. This is a legacy of when audiobooks were primarily on CDs. The conversion was tricky—we had to flip and rearrange elements—but I’m pleased with the final result. In particular, I love that we get to see more of Clare’s gorgeous skirt on the audiobook cover of Native Stranger…coming soon!